Future\Perfect Labs launches at a time of unprecedented demand among public and private enterprise to learn, experiment and apply the principles and ideas from blockchain and other distributed technologies, which are predicted to drive exponential growth in the already $2 trillion mobile and cloud-based economy. In addition, the Lab seeks to harness cross-disciplinary talent and resources to deliver solutions and unlock opportunities related to decentralized connectivity across innovation in cryptocurrencies, in a climate of heightened global security concerns.

The Labs founder, Jalak Jobanputra, is founder of Future\Perfect Ventures, an early stage venture fund which was one of the first investors in the emerging blockchain sector and the first to apply cross-border and cross-disciplinary expertise to investment opportunities in the sector. She has given talks about decentralization and its pending economic and social impact throughout world, including at the Milken Global Conference, The Economist's Buttonwood Gathering and keynoting the Dutch Development Bank's annual conference.